Connecting Your PS4 Controller to a PC: A Simple Guide

Connecting Your PS4 Controller to a PC: A Simple Guide

Playing PC games with a PS4 controller can enhance your gaming experience. You might prefer the ergonomic feel of a PS4 controller, or perhaps you’re simply looking to make use of controllers you already own. Whatever the reason, connecting a PS4 controller to your PC is straightforward. This guide will walk you through the process, whether you’re looking to connect via USB, Bluetooth, or use third-party software for additional functionality.

Method 1: Connecting via USB Cable

One of the simplest ways to connect your PS4 controller to a PC is through a USB cable. This method provides a stable connection and is very straightforward.

  1. Turn on your PC.
  2. Take your PS4 controller and the micro USB cable that comes with it.
  3. Insert the micro USB end of the cable into the controller and the USB end into your PC.
  4. Windows should automatically detect the controller and install any necessary drivers.
  5. Once installed, your PS4 controller should be ready to use.

Method 2: Connecting via Bluetooth

If you prefer a wireless connection, your PS4 controller can also be connected to your PC via Bluetooth. Before starting, ensure your PC has Bluetooth capability.

  1. Hold down the PS and Share buttons on your PS4 controller until the light bar starts flashing. This indicates it’s in pairing mode.
  2. On your PC, navigate to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.
  3. Click Add Bluetooth or other device and then Bluetooth.
  4. From the list of devices, select your PS4 controller.
  5. Once paired, your controller is ready to use wirelessly.

Method 3: Using DS4Windows for Enhanced Functionality

While the above methods should work for basic gameplay, using third-party software like DS4Windows can unlock additional features and provide better integration for games not natively supporting PS4 controller input.

  1. Download DS4Windows from its official GitHub page. This software allows you to use your PS4 controller on a PC with all features — including touchpad, gyroscope, and vibration.
  2. Extract the downloaded file and run DS4Windows.exe.
  3. Follow the installation instructions. You may need to install additional drivers suggested by DS4Windows.
  4. Connect your PS4 controller via USB or Bluetooth. DS4Windows should automatically recognize it.
  5. Customize your controller settings through the DS4Windows interface, if desired.

Additional Resources

For further reading and troubleshooting, consider visiting the following websites:

  • PlayStation Support: Official support page for PlayStation peripherals, including connection issues.
  • Bluetooth Technology Website: Understand more about Bluetooth technology and how to troubleshoot connections.
  • DS4Windows GitHub Page: The primary resource for DS4Windows software, including usage, updates, and FAQs.
  • Steam Community: A valuable resource where gamers share their experiences with connecting PS4 controllers and other gaming peripherals.


Connecting your PS4 controller to a PC can significantly enhance your gaming experience, thanks to the comfortable design and versatility of the controller. For gamers looking for a simple plug-and-play option, connecting via a USB cable is the most straightforward method. For those who prefer wireless gaming, connecting via Bluetooth is suitable, although it might require some initial setup. Finally, for gamers seeking to utilize all the features of their PS4 controller or improve compatibility with all PC games, using DS4Windows offers the best solution. Knowing your preferences and needs will help you choose the best approach to connect your PS4 controller to your PC.

Whether you’re enjoying casual single-player titles or competitive multiplayer games, using a PS4 controller can make your gaming sessions more enjoyable and comfortable. Experiment with the different connection methods and find what works best for you.


Can I use my PS4 controller on my PC without any additional software?

Yes, you can connect your PS4 controller to a PC using a USB cable or via Bluetooth without needing additional software for basic functionality.

Will all PC games support PS4 controller input?

Not all PC games natively support PS4 controller input. However, using software like DS4Windows can help map the controller’s functions to keyboard and mouse inputs, increasing compatibility.

How do I charge my PS4 controller when it’s connected to my PC?

When connected via USB, your PS4 controller will charge through the PC’s USB port. If using Bluetooth, you will need to charge the controller using a USB cable connected to any USB power source.

Can I connect more than one PS4 controller to a PC?

Yes, you can connect multiple PS4 controllers to a PC either via USB cables or Bluetooth connections. Some games and applications support multiplayer gameplay with multiple controllers.

Does using DS4Windows introduce any latency?

DS4Windows is designed to be highly efficient, and most users do not experience significant latency issues. However, Bluetooth connections might have slightly more latency than wired connections.

We hope this guide helps you connect your PS4 controller to your PC effortlessly. If you have further questions, corrections, or wish to share your experiences, feel free to comment or ask questions. Your input is valuable to us and can help others enhance their gaming setup.