Guide to Using a VPN on PS4

An illustrated step-by-step guide showing how to use VPN on a PS4. The first image shows a PS4 console and a controller. Then, various images show how to navigate the console

A Comprehensive Guide to Using a VPN on PS4

With online gaming becoming more popular and internationally inclusive, players are seeking ways to enhance their gaming experience, protect their online privacy, and access geo-restricted content. One powerful tool to achieve these goals is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This guide explains how to use a VPN on PS4, providing a more secure and versatile online gaming environment.

Why Use a VPN on PS4?

Before diving into the how, it’s important to understand why using a VPN with your PS4 can be beneficial:

  • Security: A VPN encrypts your internet connection, protecting your personal information from hackers, especially on public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Privacy: It hides your IP address, making your online actions harder to track by third parties, including your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Access to Geo-Restricted Content: By changing your IP address to one from another country, you can access content and games not available in your region.
  • Reduced Lag and Ping Times: Some VPNs can offer shorter routes to game servers, potentially reducing lag and improving your gaming experience.

How to Set Up a VPN on PS4

Since the PS4 does not natively support VPN apps, setting up a VPN requires a bit more effort than simply downloading an app. Below are the most common methods to connect your PS4 to a VPN:

Via a Wi-Fi Router

Configuring your VPN directly on your router is perhaps the most straightforward way to use a VPN on your PS4. This method ensures all devices connected to the router are protected. However, not all routers are VPN-compatible, and the setup process can be complex, requiring you to access your router’s admin settings.

Via a PC or Mac with Ethernet

If configuring your router sounds too daunting, you can establish a VPN connection through your computer by sharing its VPN-protected connection with your PS4 via an Ethernet cable. This method involves setting up a VPN on your computer and modifying network connection settings to allow connection sharing.

Via a Smart DNS

Some VPN providers offer a Smart DNS feature as part of their service. While not encrypting your traffic like a VPN, a Smart DNS can help you bypass geo-restrictions. This method involves changing your PS4’s network settings to use the DNS provided by your VPN service.

Top VPN Services for PS4

Not all VPNs are equal, especially when it comes to gaming. Here are some of the top VPN services for PS4, known for their speed, security, and ease-of-use:

  • ExpressVPN: Known for its fast speeds, robust security features, and extensive server network. It’s ideal for gaming and streaming on PS4.
  • NordVPN: Offers great security features, including double VPN encryption, and solid speeds for gaming.
  • CyberGhost: With a user-friendly interface and servers optimized for gaming, CyberGhost is a solid choice for PS4 gamers.

Opposing Opinions: Why Some Gamers Avoid VPNs

Despite the benefits, not all gamers are convinced about using VPNs. Here are some of the concerns:

  • Potential for Increased Ping: Depending on the server’s location, a VPN can increase your ping time, potentially affecting gameplay.
  • Complex Setup Process: For someone not familiar with network settings, setting up a VPN with PS4 can be daunting.
  • Cost: Quality VPN services are not free. Some gamers might not find the benefits worth the subscription fee.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best VPN for Your PS4

Using a VPN with your PS4 can greatly enhance your gaming experience, offering access to new titles, improving security, and sometimes even improving connection speeds. However, the best VPN for you depends on your specific needs:

  • For Gamers Prioritizing Speed and Security: ExpressVPN is a top choice with its fast servers and strong encryption technologies.
  • For Those on a Budget: CyberGhost offers a great balance of performance and cost, with dedicated gaming servers.
  • For Advanced Users Needing Custom Features: NordVPN’s extensive server network and advanced security options cater to users with specific requirements.

Effectively, the decision comes down to your priorities, be they speed, security, game availability, or cost. Carefully consider what you value most in your online gaming experience and choose accordingly.


Can I use a free VPN with my PS4?

Yes, but it’s not recommended. Free VPNs often have bandwidth limits, fewer server locations, and less robust security features, potentially leading to a suboptimal gaming experience.

Will using a VPN on my PS4 affect my game speed?

It can, depending on the VPN server’s location and quality. Selecting a VPN server closer to the game server can actually reduce your ping times and improve game speed in some instances.

Can I access Netflix on my PS4 with a VPN?

Yes, a VPN can help you access geo-restricted content on Netflix and other streaming services directly from your PS4.

Is it legal to use a VPN on my PS4?

Yes, in most countries, using a VPN is completely legal. However, using a VPN to access content not available in your country may violate the terms of service of the game or streaming service.

Can I get banned for using a VPN on PS4?

While using a VPN does not violate Sony’s terms of service for the PS4, some online game publishers have their own policies regarding VPN usage and could penalize users. Always check the game publisher’s terms of service to ensure compliance.

Using a VPN on PS4 can unlock a myriad of possibilities for gamers, from enhanced security and privacy to accessing a wider range of content. Despite some gamers’ hesitations due to potential complexities and costs, the benefits often outweigh the drawbacks for many. With the correct setting and the right VPN service, your gaming experience can be significantly upgraded. Whether you’re looking for improved speeds, access to geo-restricted games, or simply more privacy while gaming, there’s a VPN solution that fits your needs. Remember, always ensure that you’re complying with the terms of service of both the VPN and any platforms you’re accessing through it.

We invite you to share your experiences, corrections, or any questions you may have about using a VPN on PS4. Whether you’ve had a positive experience or faced challenges, your feedback can help others navigate their VPN choices more effectively!