Top PS4 Black Friday Deals You Can’t Miss

Top PS4 Black Friday Deals You Can’t Miss

As the holiday season approaches, gamers everywhere are eagerly awaiting the biggest shopping event of the year: Black Friday. This year promises to bring some of the most exciting PS4 deals yet, with phenomenal discounts on consoles, games, and accessories. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current setup or dive into the world of PlayStation for the first time, these deals are simply too good to pass up. In this article, we’ll guide you through the top PS4 Black Friday deals for 2023, including the best console bundles, must-have games at huge discounts, and essential accessories at unbeatable prices. Let’s jump into the ultimate PS4 Black Friday savings guide!

Best PS4 Console Bundles for Black Friday 2023

Availability and Retailers

As Black Friday 2023 approaches, gamers across the globe are gearing up to snag the best PS4 Black Friday deals. Major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop are your go-to destinations for finding top-notch PS4 console bundles. These retailers are known to offer significant discounts and exclusive deals that are hard to resist. Early birds might want to keep an eye on online ads and flyers to catch pre-Black Friday sales that often include sneak-peeks at the deals to come.

Amazon typically boasts a wide variety of PS4 bundles, often with lightning deals that require swift action. Best Buy and Walmart offer in-store doorbusters as well as online exclusives, making it convenient for both traditional and online shoppers. GameStop, known for its specialized focus on gaming, frequently features exclusive bundles that include limited-edition consoles and rare game titles.

Bundle Inclusions

One of the most enticing aspects of Black Friday PS4 bundles is the additional value they offer compared to purchasing the console alone. Expect to find bundles that include a combination of popular games, extra controllers, and other valuable accessories. For instance, a PS4 bundle might come with blockbuster games such as “Spider-Man: Miles Morales,” “The Last of Us Part II,” or “Ghost of Tsushima.”

Many retailers also offer bundles that include an extra DualShock 4 controller, ensuring you’re set for multiplayer action right out of the box. Some high-value bundles may even feature accessories such as a PlayStation VR headset, enhanced charging stations, or a PlayStation Plus subscription, which grants access to online multiplayer services and free monthly games.

Comparison of Deals

With numerous Black Friday PS4 bundles available, it’s essential to compare deals across different retailers to determine which offers the most bang for your buck. For instance, an Amazon bundle might include two top-selling games and a year-long PlayStation Plus membership for under $300, while a similar Best Buy bundle might feature three games but no additional subscription services, priced slightly higher at $320.

To make an informed decision, consider what inclusions matter most to you. If you’re looking to expand your game library, prioritize bundles offering multiple high-quality titles. Alternatively, if enhanced gaming experience is your priority, look for packages including additional accessories like headsets or VR kits. Always factor in the total cost versus the individual prices of each component to gauge the real savings.

It’s also wise to read customer reviews and ratings to assess the overall satisfaction of previous buyers with specific bundles. Sometimes a bundle with a slightly higher price tag might be worth it if it guarantees better quality and reliability. Lastly, take advantage of price match guarantees offered by many retailers during Black Friday to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

In conclusion, securing the best PS4 console bundles this Black Friday 2023 involves a blend of early preparation, retailer comparison, and a keen eye for high-value inclusions. By strategically navigating through the plethora of deals, you can find a package that not only suits your gaming needs but also offers unparalleled savings.

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Biggest Discounts on Popular PS4 Games

Top Discounted Titles

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some of the most coveted PS4 games at unbeatable prices. Retailers are slashing prices on a plethora of popular titles, allowing gamers to expand their libraries without breaking the bank. Here are some top discounted PS4 games you won’t want to miss:

  • The Last of Us Part II – A critically acclaimed narrative-driven game is expected to see significant drops, making it a must-buy for any PS4 owner.
  • God of War – This epic action-adventure game is likely to feature prominently in Black Friday deals, with deep discounts making it an ideal time to jump into Kratos’ world.
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Swing through New York City with spectacular savings on this fan-favorite Marvel game, which is perfect for both new and returning players.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake – With its immersive storyline and stunning graphics, expect this RPG to be highly discounted, allowing a broader audience to experience its magic.
  • Ghost of Tsushima – Experience the beauty and brutality of feudal Japan at a fraction of the usual cost with anticipated Black Friday reductions.

Exclusive Offers

Besides widespread discounts, many retailers are offering exclusive deals on various PS4 games. These limited-time offers often include unique bundles, exclusive in-game content, and special editions that are only available during the Black Friday period. Here are some noteworthy exclusive offers to look out for:

  • GameStop – Known for its gaming deals, GameStop is likely to offer exclusive bundles that include popular games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Resident Evil Village at discounted rates.
  • Amazon – Watch out for Amazon’s flash sales and exclusive bundles that pair top games with accessories or offer digital in-game bonuses.
  • Best Buy – Best Buy is expected to have exclusive discounts on special editions and collector’s editions of games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Walmart – Walmart often provides early access to its Black Friday deals, including exclusive game bundles and significant price cuts on trending titles.

Tips for Maximizing Savings

To make the most of the Black Friday deals, here are some strategic tips to help you maximize your savings:

  • Set Up Alerts – Utilize price-tracking websites and apps to set up alerts for your desired games. This way, you’ll be notified the moment they go on sale.
  • Compare Prices – Don’t settle for the first deal you find. Compare prices across various retailers like Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, and Best Buy to ensure you’re getting the best offer.
  • Buy Early – Popular games tend to sell out fast during Black Friday. To avoid missing out, take advantage of early access sales and pre-Black Friday deals.
  • Look for Bundle Deals – Buying games as part of a bundle can offer greater value, especially if the bundle includes multiple top-tier titles or extra accessories at a reduced price.
  • Check for Digital Sales – Digital stores such as the PlayStation Store often have significant discounts on game downloads, allowing the convenience of instant access without waiting for shipping.

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity for gamers to score big savings on top PS4 titles. By keeping an eye on exclusive offers from major retailers and utilizing strategic shopping tips, you can maximize your savings and enjoy a treasure trove of games without putting a dent in your wallet.

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Essential PS4 Accessories on Sale

Controllers and Charging Stations

Black Friday is the perfect time to upgrade your gaming setup, and this year’s deals on PS4 accessories are too good to miss. One of the most essential accessories for any PS4 gamer is the DualShock 4 controller. Whether you need an extra controller for multiplayer games or simply want to have a backup, Black Friday offers some of the best prices you’ll see all year.

Retail giants like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are expected to slash prices on PlayStation controllers. Look for bundle deals that include the DualShock 4 controller along with a charging station. Charging stations are indispensable for keeping your controllers powered without the hassle of cords. Some of the top charging station deals will feature popular brands like PowerA and PDP, known for their reliability and quick charge times.

Headsets and Audio Gear

An immersive audio experience can make or break your gaming sessions, and that’s why discounted gaming headsets are among the most sought-after PS4 accessories during Black Friday. This year, expect significant discounts on some of the best audio brands in the gaming industry.

Top choices for headsets include the SteelSeries Arctis 7, Turtle Beach Stealth 600, and the HyperX Cloud II. These headsets offer excellent sound quality, comfortable designs, and compatibility with various platforms, making them invaluable additions to your gaming arsenal. Retailers like GameStop and Target are likely to offer exclusive bundles that include popular headsets with additional perks such as in-game currency or exclusive skins. Keep an eye out for these deals to enhance your gaming experience without emptying your wallet.

Other Accessories

Beyond controllers and headsets, there are numerous other PS4 accessories that can significantly enhance your gaming setup. Black Friday 2023 is expected to feature fantastic deals on VR kits, external storage solutions, and other must-have gear.

PS VR kits are an exciting way to dive into virtual reality gaming, and Black Friday discounts make them more accessible than ever. Look for deals that bundle the VR headset with popular VR games to get the most out of your purchase. Retailers such as Sony’s official store and Newegg often provide significant discounts on VR bundles that include VR Worlds and other top-rated games.

External storage solutions are another essential for any dedicated gamer. With the increasing size of game files, additional storage is crucial. Black Friday deals on external hard drives, such as those from Seagate and Western Digital, will help you expand your storage capacity without breaking the bank. Target and Best Buy frequently feature attractive discounts on these external drives, making it easier to save your progress and download more games without concern for space.

Additionally, look out for deals on other accessories like cooling fans, controller grips, and even specialized gaming chairs. Each of these items can significantly impact your overall gaming comfort and performance, and Black Friday is the ideal time to find them at reduced prices.

In summary, Black Friday 2023 is shaping up to be an excellent opportunity to snag some essential PS4 accessories at unbeatable prices. From controllers and headsets to VR kits and external storage, smart shoppers can find incredible deals to enhance their gaming experience. Keep a close watch on major retailers and online stores, and be ready to act quickly to secure the best Black Friday PS4 deals.


Black Friday is an excellent opportunity for PS4 enthusiasts to upgrade their current setup or dive into the gaming world with some fantastic deals. From comprehensive console bundles that provide maximum value to jaw-dropping discounts on popular game titles and essential accessories, there’s something for everyone this holiday season. By keeping an eye on the availability and comparing offers across various retailers, you can maximize your savings and ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking to expand your collection or a new PS4 owner eager to get started, these Black Friday deals offer a perfect chance to enhance your gaming experience without breaking the bank. Make sure to plan ahead, act quickly, and take advantage of these unbeatable offers. Happy shopping!