PS4 Pro: A Comprehensive Guide

An illustrated guidebook floating above a sleek PS4 Pro console surrounded by floating game controllers, game discs, and interactive infographic bubbles highlighting key features.

Introduction to the PS4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro, or PS4 Pro, stands as a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the original PS4. Released in November 2016, it was designed to offer enhanced performance and graphics, catering to gamers seeking higher resolutions and smoother gameplay. In this comprehensive guide, we discuss everything you need to know about the PS4 Pro, including its specifications, features, and how it compares to other gaming consoles.

Specifications of the PS4 Pro

Feature Specification
GPU 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon Based Graphics Engine
CPU AMD Jaguar x86-64, 8 Cores
Memory 8GB GDDR5
Storage 1TB HDD
Optical Drive Blu-ray Drive
Output 4K/HDR

Main Features of the PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro offers several key improvements that enhance the gaming experience. Some of its main features include:

  • Enhanced Graphics: Thanks to its powerful GPU, the PS4 Pro can display games in up to 4K resolution with High Dynamic Range (HDR) for more vibrant colors.
  • Improved Performance: Games load faster and perform smoother, thanks to the improved CPU and additional memory.
  • Boost Mode: A feature that improves the performance of games that have not been specifically updated for the PS4 Pro.
  • VR-Ready: The PS4 Pro enhances PlayStation VR experiences with improved visuals and performance.

Comparison with Other Consoles

When comparing the PS4 Pro to its main competitors, the Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch, it’s important to consider performance, game library, and multimedia capabilities. The PS4 Pro excels in its vast game library and exclusive titles, whereas the Xbox One X has a slight edge in performance and native 4K resolution support. The Nintendo Switch, while not directly comparable in terms of performance, offers unique portability and exclusive Nintendo titles.

Games and Compatibility

The PS4 Pro is backward compatible with the vast majority of PS4 titles, offering enhanced visuals and performance for many of these games. Some games have been specifically optimized for the PS4 Pro, displaying at higher resolutions or running with smoother frame rates. Additionally, the PS4 Pro supports PlayStation VR, offering an improved VR gaming experience compared to the original PS4.

Notable PS4 Pro Enhanced Games

  • The Last of Us Part II
  • God of War
  • Spider-Man
  • Horizon Zero Dawn

Pros and Cons


  • Significantly improved graphics and performance over the original PS4.
  • Large library of games, with many supporting enhanced features on the PS4 Pro.
  • Compatible with all existing PS4 accessories and games.
  • Enhanced experience with PlayStation VR.


  • Not all games offer significant improvements on the PS4 Pro.
  • Lacks support for Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, unlike some competitors.
  • Some users may not notice major improvements without a 4K TV.

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The PS4 Pro represents a significant step up from the original PlayStation 4, offering enhanced graphics and performance that will appeal to serious gamers and those with 4K TVs. While it faces stiff competition from the Xbox One X in terms of raw power, its extensive game library and exclusive titles make it a compelling option for many. For gamers seeking the best possible PS4 experience, the PS4 Pro is the clear choice. However, for those on a tighter budget or without a 4K TV, the original PS4 remains an excellent console.

For different use cases, the best solutions are as follows:

  • For gamers seeking the highest graphical fidelity and performance: PS4 Pro.
  • For those who value exclusive titles and a vast game library over raw power: PS4 Pro.
  • On a budget or without access to a 4K TV: Original PS4.


Is the PS4 Pro worth it without a 4K TV?

Yes, the PS4 Pro can offer improved performance and visuals on 1080p TVs as well, thanks to supersampling and improved frame rates.

Can the PS4 Pro play PS3 games?

No, the PS4 Pro does not natively support PS3 disc-based games. However, some PS3 games are available digitally through the PlayStation Store or via the PlayStation Now streaming service.

Does the PS4 Pro support Dolby Atmos?

Yes, the PS4 Pro supports Dolby Atmos through its Blu-ray playback and streaming services, offering immersive audio to accompany the enhanced visuals.

Can I use my existing PS4 accessories with the PS4 Pro?

Yes, all PS4 accessories are compatible with the PS4 Pro, including controllers, headsets, and the PlayStation VR headset.

Is it possible to upgrade the PS4 Pro’s hard drive?

Yes, the PS4 Pro’s hard drive is user replaceable, and you can upgrade it to a larger HDD or a faster SSD for improved performance.

We hope this guide has provided you with a thorough understanding of the PS4 Pro. If you have any corrections, comments, or questions, or if you’d like to share your experiences with the PS4 Pro, we’d love to hear from you!