How to Unblock CNN on Your PS4 in China

Accessing CNN on your PS4 in China can be tricky due to the country’s strict internet censorship policies, colloquially known as the Great Firewall. The firewall blocks access to many foreign websites, including CNN, making it difficult for users within China to stay updated with international news through their preferred platforms. However, with the right tools and methods, you can unblock CNN on your PS4 and enjoy unrestricted access to global news coverage. This article will guide you through various methods to bypass these restrictions effectively.

Using a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most effective tool for bypassing internet restrictions and ensuring your online activities remain private. By connecting to a VPN server located outside of China, you can obtain an IP address from the server’s country, making it appear as if you’re accessing the internet from a different location. This allows you to bypass the Great Firewall and access CNN on your PS4.

Choosing the Right VPN

Not all VPNs work in China due to the government’s efforts to block VPN traffic. It’s important to choose a VPN that is known to be effective in China. Look for VPNs that offer:

– Stealth mode or obfuscation technology to hide VPN traffic
– Multiple server locations
– High-speed connections
– Strong encryption protocols
– Reliable customer support

Consider reputable VPN providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Astrill. These services are known for their effectiveness in bypassing the Great Firewall and providing fast and secure connections.

Setting Up a VPN on PS4

Setting up a VPN on your PS4 requires a bit more effort compared to installing it on a computer or a smartphone, as PS4 does not support VPN apps directly. However, you can use the following methods:

– **VPN Router:** This is the most straightforward method. By installing a VPN on your router, any device connected to the router, including your PS4, will have VPN protection. This method ensures all your internet traffic is encrypted and routed through the VPN server.
– **Wi-Fi Hotspot:** You can also create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your laptop. First, install a VPN on your laptop and connect to a server outside China. Then, share the laptop’s VPN-protected connection with your PS4 via a Wi-Fi hotspot.

DNS Services

Smart DNS services can also be used to bypass geographic restrictions. Unlike VPNs, Smart DNS services don’t encrypt your data, which means they won’t slow down your internet speed. However, they also don’t provide the same level of privacy and security as VPNs.

To use Smart DNS services:

1. Sign up for a reputable Smart DNS service.
2. Follow the service’s instructions to set up DNS settings on your PS4.
3. Connect your PS4 to the DNS and start accessing CNN without restrictions.

Mirror Websites

Some people bypass internet censorship by accessing mirror sites of CNN. Mirror sites are identical copies of websites hosted at different URLs. However, this method is less reliable as these mirror sites can also be blocked at any time.

Alternatives to CNN

If you’re facing difficulties accessing CNN, consider alternative news sources that might not be blocked in China. Websites like BBC, Al Jazeera, or Reuters offer comprehensive global news coverage.


While China’s internet censorship poses challenges to accessing international news platforms like CNN, several methods, including using a VPN, setting up Smart DNS, or accessing mirror sites, can help overcome these obstacles. For most users in China wanting to unblock CNN on PS4, utilizing a VPN is the most reliable and secure method.

– **For users who prioritize privacy and security alongside accessing restricted content**, using a VPN with strong encryption and stealth features is the best option.
– **For those who are more concerned with maintaining fast internet speed**, employing a Smart DNS might be the way to go, though it offers lesser security.
– **Lastly, for users looking for a quick and temporary solution**, accessing mirror websites might serve the purpose, though it’s less reliable and secure compared to the other options.

Useful Links

  • ExpressVPN: Offers fast speeds and servers in 94 countries, works well in China.
  • NordVPN: Known for its advanced security features and a large network of servers.
  • Astrill: Offers both VPN services and Smart DNS, popular among users in China.
  • PlayStation Support: Official guide for setting up an internet connection on PS4.


Can I use a free VPN to unblock CNN on PS4 in China?

It’s not recommended to use free VPNs due to reliability issues and potential security risks. Many free VPNs cannot bypass the Great Firewall effectively.

Is it legal to use a VPN in China?

The legality of VPN use in China is a gray area. While using a VPN is not explicitly illegal for individuals, the Chinese government has taken steps to ban unauthorized VPN services. It’s crucial to use a VPN discreetly.

How can I find working mirror sites for CNN?

Finding reliable mirror sites can be challenging, and there’s no guaranteed way to find them as they can be blocked or taken down at any time. It’s safer to use a VPN or Smart DNS service.

Do I need to configure VPN settings on PS4 for every use?

No, once you have set up the VPN connection on your PS4 (either through a VPN router or Wi-Fi hotspot), you don’t need to configure the settings every time. Just ensure the VPN is running on the router or the device sharing the hotspot.

Will using a VPN impact my internet speeds?

Using a VPN may cause a slight decrease in internet speed due to the encryption process and the additional distance data has to travel. However, high-quality VPNs minimize this impact, ensuring you can still enjoy a good streaming experience.

Your feedback, corrections, and experiences are invaluable to us and fellow readers. If you’ve successfully unblocked CNN on your PS4 in China using these methods or if you have any questions or additional tips, please share them in the comments below. Together, we can navigate the complexities of internet censorship and ensure access to information without borders.