How to Unblock ITV Hub on PS4 in China

How to Unblock ITV Hub on PS4 in China

ITV Hub is a treasure trove of television content, including live TV and on-demand shows predominantly available in the UK. However, if you’re in China and wish to access ITV Hub on your PS4, you may encounter geo-restrictions due to licensing agreements. The good news is, there are workable solutions to bypass these restrictions and enjoy your favorite ITV shows on your gaming console. This article will guide you through the steps to unblock ITV Hub on PS4 while you’re in China.

Understanding the Restrictions

Before diving into the solutions, it’s essential to understand why these geo-restrictions are in place. ITV Hub, like many other streaming services, limits its content to specific regions due to licensing and copyright laws. As a result, when you try to access it from China, the service detects your location via your IP address and subsequently blocks access.

Solutions to Unblock ITV Hub on PS4 in China

1. Using a VPN Service

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most effective method to bypass geo-restrictions. A VPN masks your real IP address and routes your internet connection through servers in locations of your choosing—in this case, the UK. This process makes it seem as if you are accessing the internet from the UK, allowing you to unblock ITV Hub on your PS4.

Steps to Set Up a VPN on PS4:

  • Choose a VPN service known for unblocking streaming services and has servers in the UK.
  • Download and install the VPN software on a compatible device (PC or Mac).
  • Connect the PC/Mac and PS4 to the same network.
  • On the PC or Mac, share the VPN connection with your PS4 through either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.
  • Once the PS4 is connected to the VPN-enabled network, you can navigate to ITV Hub and start streaming.

It’s important to note that not all VPNs can bypass ITV Hub’s geo-restrictions or offer fast enough speeds for seamless streaming. Therefore, choosing a reputable VPN service is crucial.

2. Using Smart DNS Services

Another method to consider is a Smart DNS service. While it doesn’t offer the encryption benefits of a VPN, a Smart DNS service can effectively bypass geo-restrictions by masking your DNS address. This method is preferred for devices like PS4 where setting up a VPN can be more complex.

Steps to Use Smart DNS on PS4:

  • Subscribe to a reliable Smart DNS service.
  • Follow the provider’s instructions to set up the Smart DNS on your PS4.
  • Once setup is complete, you’ll be able to access ITV Hub and other geo-restricted services on your device.

Selecting the Right Service

When choosing a VPN or Smart DNS service, consider the following factors:

  • Reliability in unblocking geo-restricted content, especially ITV Hub.
  • Speed and stability of the connection to ensure smooth streaming.
  • Easy setup on a variety of devices, including PS4.
  • Customer support, in case you run into any setup issues.

Recommended Services for Unblocking ITV Hub on PS4

  • ExpressVPN: Known for its fast speed and reliability in unblocking streaming services.
  • NordVPN: Offers robust security features alongside efficient unblocking capabilities.
  • SmartDNSProxy: A dedicated Smart DNS service that works well with PS4 and streaming services.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Solution

The method you choose to unblock ITV Hub on PS4 in China largely depends on your preferences and technical comfort level. For those prioritizing security alongside unblocking capabilities, a VPN is the best choice. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are both excellent options offering easy setup guides for PS4. On the other hand, if you prefer a simpler setup potentially offering faster speeds, a Smart DNS service like SmartDNSProxy can be the way to go.

For different user cases:

  • For the non-tech-savvy: Smart DNS services offer a straightforward setup process with less technical hassle.
  • For the security-conscious: VPNs not only unblock ITV Hub but also secure your internet connection, making them the ideal choice.
  • For the avid streamers: A high-quality VPN can unblock a multitude of streaming services beyond ITV Hub, providing access to a world of content.

Ultimately, with the right tools and a bit of setup, watching ITV Hub on your PS4 in China can be a seamless experience, freeing you from the constraints of geo-restrictions and opening up a vast library of entertaining content.


Can I use a free VPN to unblock ITV Hub on PS4 in China?
While some free VPNs might temporarily unblock ITV Hub, they often have limited servers and bandwidth, leading to poor streaming quality and reliability issues.
Will using a VPN or Smart DNS affect my internet speed?
There might be a slight decrease in speed due to data encryption (with VPNs) or routing (with Smart DNS), but high-quality services minimize this impact, ensuring smooth streaming.
Is it legal to use a VPN or Smart DNS to access ITV Hub in China?
The legality of VPNs and Smart DNS services varies by country. It’s essential to research and comply with local laws regarding their use.
Can ITV Hub detect and block VPN or Smart DNS services?
ITV Hub and other streaming platforms may attempt to block VPN and Smart DNS IP addresses. However, premium services regularly update their servers to avoid detection.
What other devices can I use to watch ITV Hub using a VPN or Smart DNS?
Besides PS4, you can use a VPN or Smart DNS service on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and smart TVs, to unblock and watch ITV Hub.

We hope this guide has been helpful in showing you how to unlock the full potential of your PS4 in China by accessing ITV Hub. Should you have any corrections, comments, questions, or want to share your experiences, feel free to reach out. Your input helps us and others who face similar challenges.