How to Unblock OZEE on PS4 in China

When it comes to streaming popular Indian TV shows, movies, and live events, OZEE (now rebranded as ZEE5) is a powerhouse. However, if you’re in China, you’ve likely encountered a significant roadblock: geo-restrictions that prevent access to OZEE due to licensing and regional restrictions. This could be particularly frustrating if you’re trying to unblock OZEE on a PlayStation 4 (PS4), which doesn’t natively support VPN apps—a common solution for bypassing such restrictions. But don’t worry, this article will guide you through several methods to unblock OZEE on your PS4 in China, ensuring that you don’t miss out on your favorite content.

Understanding the Challenge

Before diving into the solutions, it’s essential to understand why OZEE is blocked in China. The primary reason is the strict internet censorship in China, known as the Great Firewall, which blocks access to many foreign websites, including popular streaming services. Additionally, OZEE itself restricts its content to users within India due to licensing agreements, a common practice known as geo-blocking.

To overcome these hurdles, you’ll need to make OZEE think that your internet connection is coming from within India. This is where a VPN (Virtual Private Network) comes into play, but since the PS4 does not support VPN software directly, we’ll need to employ some workarounds.

Method 1: Using a VPN-Enabled Router

The most effective way to use a VPN with your PS4 is by installing the VPN on a router. This method allows all devices connected to the router, including your PS4, to access VPN services. Here’s how you can do it:

– **Choose a VPN Provider**: Look for a VPN that offers servers in India and supports router installation. [ExpressVPN]( and [NordVPN]( are excellent options with extensive server networks and router compatibility.
– **Install the VPN on Your Router**: Follow the VPN provider’s instructions to install it on your router. This process varies depending on your router’s model and the VPN service.
– **Connect Your PS4 to the VPN-Enabled Router**: Once the VPN is set up on your router, connect your PS4 to the router as you would typically connect to any Wi-Fi network.
– **Unblock OZEE**: With your PS4 now connected through a VPN-enabled router, you can access OZEE without facing geo-restrictions.

Method 2: Using a Smart DNS Service

If installing a VPN on your router sounds too technical or if your router does not support VPN installation, you can use a Smart DNS service. A Smart DNS service will allow you to change your DNS (Domain Name System) settings to bypass geographical restrictions without encrypting your traffic.

– **Select a Smart DNS Service**: Choose a service that supports unblocking Indian content. [SmartDNSProxy]( and [Unlocator]( are great examples.
– **Configure Smart DNS on PS4**: Follow the Smart DNS service instructions to change your PS4’s DNS settings. This typically involves going to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection on your PS4.
– **Unblock OZEE**: With the new DNS settings, you should be able to access OZEE content without direct VPN support on your PS4.

Method 3: Share a VPN Connection from Your Computer

If the above methods are not feasible for you, another option is to share a VPN connection from your computer with your PS4. This can be done over Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet cable.

– **Choose and Install a VPN on Your Computer**: Select a VPN provider with servers in India and install its software on your PC.
– **Share the VPN Connection**: On Windows, you can go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot, then select Share my Internet connection with other devices. On Mac, share your internet connection via System Preferences > Sharing > Internet Sharing.
– **Connect Your PS4 to the Shared Network**: Finally, connect your PS4 to the new network you’ve created on your PC.

Choosing the Right VPN or Smart DNS for OZEE on PS4

When selecting a VPN or Smart DNS service to unblock OZEE on PS4, consider the following:

– **Server Availability in India**: Essential for accessing OZEE content.
– **Router Compatibility**: Important if you’re going with a VPN router setup.
– **Speed and Reliability**: Look for services with high-speed connections and no bandwidth limits to enjoy buffering-free streaming.
– **Customer Support**: Helpful if you encounter any setup challenges.


While it might seem daunting at first to unblock OZEE on your PS4 while in China, employing one of the methods described above can help you overcome these challenges. Whether you opt for a VPN-enabled router, a Smart DNS service, or sharing a VPN connection from your computer, you can enjoy your favorite Indian shows, movies, and live events on ZEE5 without worrying about geo-restrictions.

For different use cases:

– **For tech-savvy users looking for the best long-term solution**, setting up a VPN on your router is the most effective method.
– **For those who prefer a simpler setup without the need for additional hardware**, a Smart DNS service is an excellent choice.
– **Lastly, for users who cannot access a VPN-enabled router and are comfortable with a slightly more complex setup**, sharing a VPN connection from a computer provides a practical workaround.

By choosing the method that best fits your needs and technical comfort level, you can enjoy unrestricted access to OZEE/ZEE5 content on your PS4, no matter where you are in the world.


Can I use a free VPN to unblock OZEE on a PS4 in China?

While tempting, free VPNs often lack the speed, security, and server availability necessary to reliably unblock streaming services like OZEE on a PS4 in China. It’s generally recommended to use a reputable paid VPN service.

Is it legal to use a VPN or Smart DNS to unblock OZEE in China?

The legality of VPN use varies by country, and China has specific regulations and restrictions on VPN usage. It is advisable to review the local laws and regulations before using a VPN or Smart DNS service.

Will using a VPN or Smart DNS service affect my internet speed?

Any rerouting of internet traffic can potentially affect speed, but the impact is minimal with high-quality VPN and Smart DNS services. Choosing a server close to your physical location can also help minimize speed loss.

Can I use these methods to unblock other geo-restricted content on PS4?

Yes, these methods are not limited to unblocking OZEE/ZEE5. They can be used to access a wide range of geo-restricted content on various platforms through your PS4.

Do I need a ZEE5 subscription to access OZEE content?

Yes, you will need a subscription to ZEE5 to access most of the content, including what was formerly known as OZEE. The methods described here only help bypass geographical restrictions, not subscription requirements.

If you have experiences, corrections, or questions about unblocking OZEE (ZEE5) on PS4, especially while in China or using these methods from other restricted regions, don’t hesitate to share in the comments. Your input can help others navigate these challenges more effectively. Happy streaming!