How to Unblock Vimeo on a PS4 in China

Unblocking Vimeo on a PS4 in China: A Comprehensive Guide

China’s stringent internet censorship policies, encapsulated in the Great Firewall, often restrict access to various international websites and services, including the popular video hosting platform Vimeo. For avid gamers and entertainment enthusiasts using a PS4, this blockade can be particularly frustrating. However, there are ways to bypass these restrictions and enjoy Vimeo on your gaming console. This guide will walk you through several methods to unblock Vimeo on a PS4 in China, ensuring you can access your favorite videos and content seamlessly.

Method 1: Using a VPN Service

One of the most effective ways to bypass internet censorship on any device, including the PS4, is through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN masks your IP address, encrypts your internet traffic, and routes it through a server in a location of your choice, allowing you to access Vimeo as if you were outside of China.

  • Choose a VPN provider that offers robust encryption, fast speeds, and servers outside of China. Popular options include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark.
  • Install the VPN on a router or share the VPN connection from your PC to PS4. Direct VPN installation on PS4 is not supported, hence a workaround is necessary.
  • Connect your PS4 to the VPN-enabled network.
  • Enjoy unrestricted access to Vimeo and other international websites.

Method 2: Using Smart DNS Services

Smart DNS is another viable solution for unblocking Vimeo on a PS4 in China. Unlike VPNs, Smart DNS services don’t encrypt your traffic, which means they might be faster but less secure. They work by rerouting your DNS queries through a server in another country, effectively bypassing geo-restrictions.

  • Subscribe to a Smart DNS service such as Unlocator or SmartDNS Proxy.
  • Configure your PS4 to use the Smart DNS service by changing your network’s DNS settings.
  • Access Vimeo without restrictions.

Method 3: Proxy Servers

Proxy servers can also be used to unblock content on the PS4. However, they are generally not recommended due to their inconsistent performance and lower security compared to VPNs and Smart DNS services.

  • Find a reliable proxy server located outside of China.
  • Configure your PS4’s Wi-Fi settings to use the proxy.
  • Access Vimeo through the proxy server.

Additional Tips

When trying to access Vimeo on your PS4 in China, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always choose a VPN or Smart DNS service that prioritizes speed and reliability to ensure a smooth viewing experience on Vimeo.
  • Consider the legal implications and adhere to local laws and regulations when using VPNs or other bypass methods.
  • Update your PS4’s firmware and the Vimeo app to the latest versions to avoid compatibility issues.


Unblocking Vimeo on a PS4 in China requires some workaround due to the lack of direct VPN support on the console. Whether you choose a VPN, Smart DNS, or a proxy server, it’s essential to select a service that offers a balance of speed, reliability, and security. For most users, a VPN provides the best combination of privacy and performance, making it the recommended method for accessing restricted content. For those prioritizing speed over security, Smart DNS is a solid alternative. In any case, ensure you consider the legal aspects and choose a solution that best fits your needs and preferences.

By following the guidelines provided in this guide, you can enjoy seamless access to Vimeo on your PS4 from within China, expanding your entertainment options and allowing you to enjoy a wealth of content available on this platform.


  1. Is using a VPN legal in China?

    Using a VPN in China occupies a legal gray area. While the government has banned unauthorized VPN services, using VPNs is not outright illegal for individuals. However, it’s crucial to use VPNs cautiously and respect local laws.

  2. Can I install a VPN directly on my PS4?

    No, the PS4 does not support direct VPN installations. Use a VPN-enabled router or share a VPN connection from your computer.

  3. Are free VPNs effective for unblocking Vimeo in China?

    Free VPNs often lack the speed and security features needed to effectively bypass Chinese censorship and are not recommended.

  4. How can I know if my Smart DNS service is working?

    If you’ve correctly set up your Smart DNS service, you should be able to access Vimeo and other previously restricted sites without encountering a block.

  5. Do I need to keep my VPN or Smart DNS service active all the time?

    To maintain access to Vimeo and other restricted sites, you should keep your VPN or Smart DNS service active whenever you’re online.

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